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Inception News
The world has changed. It’s faster paced, and we’re bombarded with more information than ever before. In order for news organizations to succeed, they must adapt to the quickly evolving world of social media, and find new ways to plan and organize their content.

News productions must also leverage new platforms, no longer is it acceptable to simply broadcast over the air. To reach the broadest audience, you need to produce content for all mediums, including broadcast, the Web, and social media in order to be successful. You need to engage your audience in a way that was never possible until now.
You need a modern newsroom system designed to solve these challenges. Inception is that platform.
Whether you are looking for a first time editorial management system, or you are looking for a modern replacement of an existing system, Inception is designed to make your team more productive, more connected, and reach your entire audience.

Inception Live
Organize, plan, and script your game day or live event in a real-time collaborative interface with rich customization for your production lineup. Inception Live provides advanced timing capabilities and an optional workflow to interface with the Streamline asset management system for asset scheduling and delivery in pre-production. Finally, leverage all of the power of Inception Social built right into the Live interface, including social media publishing, discovery, and curation to bring social media content into your production.

Inception Social
Putting the power of social media at your fingertips. Leverage social media to reach your audience through Inception Social’s publishing engine and bring social media into live production through its rich searching capabilities. Engage your audience through Twitter polling, and bring social media to the screen via an integrated graphics workflow.

Inception Enterprise
The Inception system now offers a new Enterprise Edition. Using clustering and scaling database technology, this edition is designed to support over 1000 concurrent users in a truly fault tolerant, enterprise class environment. With full support for no single point of failure redundancy, the Inception Enterprise Edition provides node-based job delegation and automatic failover in case of hardware failure. This edition is also designed to fully support virtualization technologies and be spanned across both physical and virtual environments as desired.

Other recent Inception enhancements include a completely redesigned WordPress plug-in that integrates more of the native functionality, an API that permits users to create custom connections to a CMS, social platform, or other internal system, search options and filters specific to looking for photos or video content to use on-air, and localization of the language in the user interface including buttons and column names.